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Valio Aimo® in English

Hello, I am Aimo the wholesaler. Nice to meet you!

Our story begins in 2021 when Valio and Heinon Tukku shake hands. Valio Aimo® is born and a new wholesale era begins. We are now more versatile and a better partner for the food industry professionals. For those who appreciate quality, in-depth understanding of customer needs and delivery reliability.

Service from A to Z

From fine dining to the corner diner, from Hanko to Nuorgam, from avocado to the meal concept. Our customers are not one and the same, and one solution is not suitable for everyone. And that’s positive, because it allows us to be part of many distinctive and fascinating business stories. At the same time, we have become masters at understanding our customers’ different needs and solving them in innovative ways.

All the good from one partner

We are unique as a wholesaler. As a manufacturer we have strong know-how in product development, processes and brands. We will find you a supplement or develop something entirely new in the case of not finding your wish from our product range.

Become a Valio Aimo customer

Success stories are born around the same table. We help our customers build their own growth and serve the best food in Finland. We intend to be the most knowledgeable partner – and worthy of your trust every day.

As a Valio Aimo customer, you receive a wide selection of wholesale products with the most suitable customer service model fit for you. Easy: one channel, one invoice and one delivery.

We optimize the selection and services that best suit you – you pay only for what you choose! You benefit also from centralization, without compromising on expertise and delivery reliability.

You can become our customer from anywhere in Finland: our Cash & Carry stores serve the capital region and products are delivered all over Finland from our delivery wholesales.

Online stores at your disposal

Delivery wholesale for the entire country

Quick and efficient, our delivery wholesale serves all industry operators in an average of 24 hours of the order. To browse the selection of the delivery wholesale and make an order you need a Valio Aimo customership.

Cash & Carry stores around the capital

Our Cash & Carry stores are a convenient shopping place for the food and beverage industries’ professionals. We are open from early morning onwards at Sörnäinen, Helsinki and Koivuhaka, Vantaa. To order from a Cash & Carry store you need a Valio Aimo® customership. No customership is required for the Click & Collect service.

VALO Tilauspalvelu ™

VALO tilauspalvelu offers industry professionals ordering directly products from the most significant suppliers in Finland. As an Aimo customer you have access to the entire distribution network of Finland. If you have not an Aimo customership you will receive your delivery to the capital region.

Cash & Carry stores


Vanha talvitie 2, 00580 Helsinki

Open: ma-pe 6–20, la 6–18, su 9–16

Tel. 010 381 7645


Niittytie 12, 01510 Vantaa

Open: ma-pe 6–20, la 7–17, su 9–16

Tel. 010 381 7696

Exceptions to opening hours 2023

pe 23.6. – open 6-12
la 24.6.CLOSED
la 4.11. – open 9-16
su 12.11. – open 9-16
ke 6.12.CLOSED
su 24.12.CLOSED
ma 25.12.CLOSED
ti 26.12. – open 9-16
su 31.12. – open 9-16

Contact us

Our customer service, sales service and selection management are at your disposal. Get to know Aimo professionals and feel free to contact us.

We help you place and accept orders by phone or via email. We are also happy to assist you choose the suitable product. We are here for you weekdays from 7 am till 4 pm.

tel. 010 381 190 / myyntipalvelu@valio.fi

We help you with all questions regarding your orders in delivery. You can ask us about the delivery schedule or give feedback about your order.

tel. 010 381 7600 / asiakastuki@valio.fi

We help you acquire products you desire. Contact our product managers when you want to become our supplier and offer products.

Kirsi-Marja Juvonen

Kirsi-Marja Juvonen

Tuoteryhmäpäällikkö / Category Manager teolliset elintarvikkeet, pakasteet & juomat -tiimi / industrial groceries, frozen food & beverages team
010 381 8503
Ida Aaltonen

Ida Aaltonen

Tuotepäällikkö / Product Manager teolliset elintarvikkeet; makeiset jauhot, leipomotuotteet / industrial groceries; sweets, flour, baking goods
050 384 0006
Anni Rantala

Anni Rantala

Tuotepäällikkö / Product Manager teolliset elintarvikkeet; säilykkeet ja maustaminen / industrial groceries; preserves and seasoning
050 374 4179
Marika Fröberg

Marika Fröberg

Tuotepäällikkö / Product Manager teolliset elintarvikkeet; kastikkeet, pastat, riisit, nuudelit / industrial groceries; sauces, pastas, rice, noodles
050 398 0494

Frequently asked questions

Our customers can be all companies, regardless of industry, from all over Finland.

To order from a delivery wholesale you need a Valio Aimo customership. Become a customer easily and free of charge here.
Click & Collect service at Helsinki Cash & Carry store is at your disposal without a Valio Aimo customership.

VALO Tilauspalvelu™ serves in various ways – for corporate customers of our suppliers or for business customers without contract customerships.

It takes just a brief moment to fill in the application. We get back to you within a few weekdays on average.

Our Click & Collect service offers you the possibility of ordering online and afterwards picking up your order whenever suits you the best. The Click & Collect service is only available at Sörnäinen Cash & Carry store, Helsinki.

Become a customer

Success stories are born around the same table. We help our customers build their own growth and serve the best food in Finland. We intend to be the most knowledgeable partner – and worthy of your trust every day.