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New carefree online store

Valio Aimo® online store has been renewed.
We have been building a new online store for quite some time now, aiming to make your workdays as smooth as possible.

Here’s how you log in to the new online store

Our customer

In the new online store, your username is your email address.

  1. If your email address was linked to old online store, you have received an email invitation to the new store. Please create a new password for yourself here.
  2. If your email address was not previously linked to the old online store, please register as a new user of the new online store here.

All your information, including your order history and templates, can be found in the new online store. However, please note that if you edit templates in the old online store after receiving the email invitation, the edits will not be updated to the new online store.

New customer

The new Valio Aimo® online store acts as your partner in shopping. You will find numerous new features to make your daily life much smoother.

Apply for customership, and you’ll be able to enjoy the easy everyday life offered by the online store.

Frequently asked questions about the new online store

The new Delivery Wholesale and Cash & Carry online stores are now available, and orders can be placed as usual.

The old online stores will be discontinued shortly.

Invitations to use the new online stores have been sent out in multiple batches during January to March.

If you haven’t received an invitation, please contact the online store support at

”Don’t worry, all the Aimos are here to help you! Even though the online store is user-friendly, you may feel unsure at first, and that’s why we are here. Contact us at or 010 381 7670 (weekdays from 7 am to 4 pm).

Your username in the new online store is the email address in our customer records. If you’re unsure which email address is in the records, please contact our online store support at

Your company has an administrator who can create new users for other employees of the company.

You can also request user detaila from the online store login page at by selecting ’Register as a user.’ Your request will then be sent to your administrator for approval.

The online store is for Valio Aimo customers, so you need to have a Valio Aimo account and customer number. Fill out the application easily online, and soon you’ll be able to make carefree orders from the online store.

We have separate online stores for Delivery Wholesale and Cash & Carry customers. Both online stores have been renewed.

In the Delivery Wholesale online store, you can order products, and we’ll deliver them directly to your location in a pre-agreed manner. In the Cash & Carry online store, you can see the product range of our stores in the Helsinki metropolitan area and place pickup orders at the Helsinki Cash & Carry.”

In your customer profile, it’s specified whether you shop at the Delivery Wholesale or the Cash & Carry. If you’d like to discuss your account, our customer support team will be happy to assist you.”

Yes, order templates and order history will transfer from the old store to the new one for your use.

However, please note that the data will transfer when you receive the email invitation to the new online store. If you make changes to order templates after this in the old store, they will not be updated in the new store.

We are renewing the Valio Aimo Delivery Wholesale and Cash & Carry online stores. VALO Tilauspalvelu™ will continue to operate as usual, and the new wholesale online storer will not affect the use of VALO Tilauspalvelu™.

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